SecureVisitor in compliance with Covid regulations

The LR5T is supplied with the Covid TempScan software to scan and record temperature in compliance with Covid regulations.


The LR5T is a rugged portable Android scanner. The latest model LR5T has a built-in Covid medical grade infrared thermometer with +-0.2 degrees C accuracy.

Up to 30,000 records can be stored on the device and uploaded WiFi USB or WiFi. This device can be used for visitor management security systems.

The Cloud service is also available. Using an Internet connection all the scans are automatically uploaded and captured on line for viewing and/or downloading reports.


Plug & play solution, all data are send to the cloud. Data is always available.

Convenience & security

No more vistor log books. All data recored is accurate, no more false data. Vehicle licenses and Driver Licenses are scanned, providing a secure solution

Data life

Data is stored on the cloud which means historical data is readily available.

Low cost & less maintenance

Only exspense is a monthly fee to access the online portal. No visitor log books to keep track of.

Medical Grade

Medical grade infrared thermometer with +-0.2.


Techsolutions is based in Pretoria, South Africa.


1219 Cobham Road, Queenswood, Pretoria, 0186


+27 12 4030091

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